Real-time Tracking and Data Management Solutions

XCompanies Is The Leader In Effective, Easy-To-Use Digital Tracking and Compliance Systems


Who We Are?

XCompanies™ is world-class tracking software company and is the only company in the world that has developed a patent pending system to track field processes in order to drive better efficiencies, increase revenues, decrease costs, and improve compliance to avoid fines and delays.

What We Do?

We offer a suite of proprietary real-time tracking systems for oil fields, agriculture, transportation, and more. Some system features include date & time, GPS location, transaction data, photo proof, bar code & QR code scanning, location tracking, asset management, and compliance reports.

What Is OilfieldX?

Our flagship product OilfieldX is the first ever solution that optimizes the digital oil field, and provides valuable data and insights throughout the oil extraction and transportation processes. Our premiere suite of products also includes AgrifieldX™, TransportX, ChemfieldX™, and HydrofieldX.

Digital Tracking, Automation, and Intelligence

Our turn-key solutions brings your field processes and assets together in one place. Our apps and dashboard technologies automate the tracking and logging of assets and processes for efficiencies, security, and compliance.

Mobile Apps

FREE Mobile Apps to capture data in the field.

Bar/QR Code Tracking

Dynamic Asset Tags – Create, Tag, and Track.

Admin Dashboards

Cloud-Based admin dashboards for audits and compliance.

Why Our Products?

Our products provide real-time data for every transaction in the field capturing time & date, GPS location, photo proof, and all pertinent information about each asset scanned.

This data can be used for auditing drivers, valves, locations, transaction accuracy, gauge levels, and more. Reports can be sorted and downloaded. No more illegible log books or manually inputting records. With our products, it is all done simply and easily.

What We Track?

Our suite of digital products are designed for oil fields, agriculture, transportation, and more. Track any assets or processes that needs to be reported or audited.

Tracking Automation

Automate the logging and tracking of your field assets and processes for streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiencies, security, and compliance.

Affordable Solutions

Our dashboards and mobile apps offer more cost effective solutions with the same chain of custody tracking and security benefits as RFID but without the setup, infrastructure, and support costs.

Easy to Use

Our dashboards are extremely easy to use, with automated bar code and QR code scanning recording all relevant asset information, including ID, user, date/time, asset on/off, GPS location, photo proof and more.

Android and iOS

Our products are all supported on both Android and iOS, which allows a quick and simple implementation of our apps that is done easily and inexpensive.

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